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Shoonya Manage enables enterprises to manage and secure dedicated Android devices.

Shoonya Solutions
Enterprises are increasingly adopting mobile devices to help improve efficiency and better automate manual operations. Yet deployment of these dedicated devices often leads to higher overhead for both management and security, resulting in more costly operations and extended downtimes. Battery health and poor connectivity are the key problems that plague enterprise devices.
With Shoonya Manage, enterprises can easily scale their device usage, offering simple configuration, enrollment and deployment for all dedicated devices. Once the devices are enrolled, Shoonya’s proprietary intelligence platform is able to monitor their health and security.
Key Features
Device Monitoring
Individual device telemetry can graph graphs battery, memory and connectivity on a per-device basis
Device Alerts
Shoonya's cloud generates critical alerts when devices have security risks, when they go offline or when the battery is in critical condition
Device Security State Assessment
Shoonya accesses OS, hardware and bootloader conditions to generate security state assessments
Device Health Assessment
Shoonya can detect failed or failing hardware and provide early notifications for replacing a device
Shoonya Manage has the following benefits
Easily scale device deployment with minimal IT support
Kiosk Mode
Configure devices to be provisioned into kiosk mode
Application Management
Manage private uploading and deployment of applications
Remote Debugging
Remotely manage your devices with our proprietary viewer and control features
Device Intelligence
Monitor security and health by analyzing device level telemetry